Monday, August 31, 2015

Most people think horse back is only a sport but it is people's passion. What is it to you?

To me horse back riding is so much more then a sport. It is about taking care of of a majestic creature that is letting you touch it. It is my life and my passion. Horse back riding takes persistence, a calm mind, and a caring touch.     

The rider must trust the horse with proper training the horse will know exactly what to do. If you are scared, the horse can tell and he will be scared also. The horse trusts you. A horse with proper training will do what you want with the smallest of tug on the reins. Horses aren't just a random animal they can be a best friend. You can tell them your feelings and deepest secrets and they can't tell any one.

This is my blog dedicated to Horses.

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  1. Oh my! This is wonderful!!! You are very dedicated to horseback riding! I also like the way you designed the blog!